Copy That, Over!

Need to CTRL + C? We’ve got you covered! We’ve got heavy quantities of copy paper stocking a couple of our aisles with multitudes of brands, types, colors and sizes to choose from!

Come browse our wide selection of copy paper and find the perfect fit for your home or office projects! Prices on the individual cases may vary, but at A&M you can always rest assured that you’ll be getting 50% off retail price guaranteed!

Vintage Home Palm Tree & Vase!

We’re selling Vintage Home brand Palm Tree d├ęcor! It’s a fact; potted plants add a feeling of life to a room, making it warmer and more welcoming- and artificial plants let you decorate without concern for water damage, trimming or soil!

Where we sell the plant and vase separately, you can combine them for a set deal! Together, they cost $250; and we’re doing a special 55% off deal for this set which marks that down to $115 OTD! Come take advantage while supplies last!

Winter is almost gone! Want to play Frisbee?

Sure to be an easy way to encourage fun out in the sun, we’ve got a nice stock of Frisbees! Winter weather is nearly over and soon, the flowers will blossom, the trees will bloom and the gentle warmth of Spring will fill the air. Why not pick up a Frisbee and have some fun outside? Only $1.99 AND you get our 50% off guarantee! That’s around $1.00 OTD per!

Need a Tissue?

We’ve got Toilet Paper and Paper Towels out the wazoo! Whether you need to restock before the weekend, or obtain in bulk; we’ve got you covered while supplies last! We’ve got Ohso Soft & Regio toilet paper en masse!

Alongside the mountain of TP, we’re selling large quantities of Sparkle Paper Towels! Name brand towels with a multitude of uses in large quantities all for insanely good prices! And remember; when you shop at A&M, all items are 50% off retail price guaranteed!

$20 OTD for an entire box of Sparkle?! What a steal!

Come take advantage of these insane deals today while supplies last!

Lockers ‘aplenty!

Need personal storage for your business? Great news! We’ve got lots of lockers for you to choose from! All sturdy storage units with a multitude of shapes and sizes! Come take advantage of our 50% off guarantee on all products to find a killer deal on storage lockers!

Sanitary Insanity!

We’ve accumulated a large quantity of professional-grade cleaning products in our store and we’re always getting more! We have an entire aisle dedicated to our cleaning products and plenty more in the back warehouse to restock with! Come take advantage of our 50% off guarantee and get more for less! But don’t mistake our quantity to override quality; these products are the real deal!

Can’t find anything you’d be interested in? Can’t find the time to come to our store and purchase cleaners directly? We’re always listing excess cleaning products on our Amazon and our E-bay store! We offer free shipping on a majority of our cleaning products if you order online!