Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation Stand

This is an ultra easy standing desk solution, which quickly converts a tabletop into a healthy sit-stand workstation. Simply place the WorkFit-T on an open surface and you’re ready to work! WorkFit-T saves space because it moves straight up and down, always staying within the footprint of your desktop. The platform is extremely stable throughout its range of motion – one can freely lean on it while working without worry of tip or height-drop.

For Computer Users

• Enjoy standing or sitting as you work, switching positions whenever you choose. This work style encourages healthy movement throughout the day
• Easily and simultaneously lift LCD screens to proper height for unsurpassed ergonomic comfort

For IT and Facilities Staff

• IT deployment friendly—convert most work areas into a productive and complete computer workstation in minutes
• Modify existing office spaces or cubes by simply adding a WorkFit-T to an existing worksurface, without the cost of expensive professional installers
• Safe and neat routing of cables
• Flexible, open-architecture design is scalable for future computer equipment

For HR and Company Cost Savings

• Promote wellness in the daily work routine
• Provide standing work platforms for employees without having to buy expensive height-adjustable chairs

Overall Dimensions:

35″W x 25″D x 5″ to 20″H


35″W x 25″D

Keyboard Platform:

25″W x 9″D

Compare At: $419.99

OUR PRICE: $209.99